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TAPUZ delivery is a unique distribution and logistics company specializing in e-commerce delivery in Israel.

We deliver packages from your online store to your online customer at his home or at work. Our service platform is based on the Wisdom of the Crowd and is designed to enhance the user experience (UX).

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Get access to every location in the Israel at a uniform price

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With TAPUZ delivery your client will return to the shopping basket

הלקוח שלך יחזור אל סל הקניות

Your customer can receive the package anywhere in Israel

Full deployment – distribution to any point on the map in Israel

Logistics centers on unique locations across Israel

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Your customer will receive the package as quickly as he chooses

Same Day – nationwide – on pickup

Next Day – nationwide – on pickup

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Real-time Reporting – Live ETA

live ETA
  • Full package and courier tracking

  • Delivery coordination by sms and phone call

  • Free Option – change address work or home

  • Precise arrival time – minimizing waiting time

  • Multi-channel communication with your customers

  • No downloading or installing needed

  • Customize output with your logo

  • דירוג השירות בזמן אמת

Tracking – BI reports in real time

Real Time Dashboard, Actual Performance Times


sla – delivery schedule – up to 1 business day.


100% delivery without limitation of delivery attempts.

Technology API

Customized integrations – 1 day development max

אינטגרציה לאתרים מבוססי שופיפיי
אינטגרציה לאתרים מבוססי מגנטו
אינטגרציה לאתרים מבוססי ווקומרס
אינטגרציה לאתרים מבוססי סאפ ביזנס וואן
אינטגרציה לאתרים מבוססי אישופ
עוד על API – Web Service

What customer they think of us?

I just wanted to praise and thank your lovely messenger, Oren. Amazing service, pleasant and tolerant person who updated me after leaving the shipment as I requested. I wish everyone would give customers a service like yours. Thank you 🙂

Michal Z

Hey, I just got a delivery. I wanted to thank you for the courteous, professional service and availability.

Abigail H

I ordered a from a few companies and the shipment arrived with the courier Amiram from TAPUZ. He is always courteous, professional and available. Fun to get service from such people. Thanks!

Ronley A

We would like to mention the efficiency of the company and the kindness of Itzik the courier. There is no doubt that this serves the shopping experience and leaves good taste thanks!

Ruti, Ramat Hasharon

Thank you very much for the quick and courteous service. I ordered a delivery this morning and got it at noon. I have not encountered such a quick, courteous and professional service to Kiryat Gat

Uriel K

I would like to commend the messenger Ran who came to my house today with the package. He coordinated with me in advance and in an orderly manner arrived at the time we agreed and did everything graciously and graciously. It is so fun and a good feeling to get what you ordered on time and with outstanding service. Quite a few of the service providers in Israel really need to learn from you.

Azriel B

We would like to praise the charming messenger Idan, who came to my home even though he could not reach me on a mobile phone. He did not give up and went into the path in a dark place, away from the road, and gladly handed me the package. Wishing us all to meet kind professionals like Idan. Thanks for the excellent service!

Anat P